Sun Manifestation System Coaching CERTIFICATION

Supporting your clients in manifesting their life and relationships through the power of the sun

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The Sun Manifestation System (SMS) Coaching Certification will teach you how to guide students through a year long initiation and manifestation system that will support each person in:

  • Manifesting long-term goals (financial, relationship, spiritual)
  • Incorporating the NINE primary character talents into their lives
  • Understanding the solar cycle and how to utilize it to improve our lives
  • Understanding the NINE Universal Laws

At the end of the course, each student will receive their certificate of certification.

This course will be taught live by Rakhem Seku during the month of May 2020.

May 10 - CLASS #1: Solar Cycle Elements & Components

May 13 - CLASS #2: Astrology Basics

May 17 - CLASS #3: NINE Archetypes & NINE Universal Laws

May 20 - CLASS #4: The Manifestation Process

May 24 - CLASS #5: Rituals, Tools, & Processes

May 27 - CLASS #6: How to Run Your Own Course

May 31 - CLASS #7: Coaching Clients

***NOTE: Classes may be added as needed.

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More information on the Sun Manifestation System (SMS).

The SMS is a part of a larger overall system called the Bagua System. The Bagua System is composed of:

  • Bagua Oracle
  • Bagua Astrology
  • Bagua Character Mapping

Within Bagua Astrology are systems of manifestation called the Sun Manifestation System (SMS) and the Moon Manifestation System (MMS). Each of these systems is designed to support people is using the solar and lunar cycles as engines to manifest their dreams and goals. The solar and lunar cycles each have a structure to them as well as a natural energy flow that we can tap into when we’re aware of them and in possession of the proper tools. Tens of thousands of individuals have used these systems to better their lives and develop their character over the past two decades.

Your Instructor

Carl E. Stevens, Jr.
Carl E. Stevens, Jr.

Carl E. Stevens, Jr. (aka Rakhem Seku) is a metaphysician, life and love coach, and author. He teaches the Bagua Astrology System and applies metaphysical concepts to support people in creating the lives they desire through Jujumama - a metaphysical company he created with his wife Kenya Stevens.

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