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You don't have to lead your spiritual journey alone.

Since the law of attraction become mainstream, people have been throwing spiritual rhetoric all around the internet.

"Love yourself", "Heal your Trauma", "Develop a relationship with your inner child", "Manifest your dreams".

This is all good and well, but these obhectives are always missing the how.

That's where we come in.

Meet the Mystery School Coaches

Rakhem Seku

CEO, Master/Guru

Carl E. Stevens Jr. (a.k.a Rakhem Seku) is a metaphysician, life and love coach, and author of 11 books. He teaches the Bagua Astrology System (BAS) and applies metaphysical concepts to support people in creating the lives they desire through Progressive Love Academy (PLA) and The Progressive Spiritual, Alchemical, a metaphysical school he created with his wide Kenya K Stevens

Rakhem Seku is a relationship coach with only 15 of experience coaching clients into successful, blissful, relationships, and marriages.

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Corina Nare Seku

Feminine Empowerment Coach, Blue Butterfly Facilitor

Corina Nare Seku, has been a certified a Feminine Empowerment Coach since 2013, and has supported countless women in becoming a more desired version of themselves. Corina has made a life-long study of relationship dynamics, manifestation and the inherent power of the feminine, She is also certified in Reike healing and performs Goddess Tarot and Oracle readings.

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Kenda Bell

9SPI, 3 Way Mirror, UPLVL Communication, Bagua Astrology

Kenda Bell, aka The Joy Factor Mama is a highly esteemed PSALMS certified coach who utilizes her intuitive gifts alongside a host of certified tools to support clients in taking advantage of every sacred opportunity life offers to experience themselves & others with more joy and power.

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Kendra Fountain

Feminine Empowerment Coach

IKendra Fountain is Co-Facilitator of the Blue Butterfly Effect at PSALMS and a Certified Feminine Power Coach. She's been a member of PSALMS for the past 8 years and her mission as a coach and facilitator is to use the power of the Arts and Creativity to help women set their lives on fire to become the fullest version of who they truly are.

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Angela Johnson

Bagua Astrology Power Coach

Angela is a Bagua Astrology Coach with more 10 years of professional coaching experience. She uses the Science and Foundational Knowledge and information of the Bagua Astrology System (BAS) to help her clients reach their goals.

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Shanna Highsmith

Feminine Empowerment Coach

Shanna is a success strategist and change catalyst. Her passion in life is making sure everyone wins. And by win, she means getting everything you want from you life, be it personal or professional dreams.

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Chakory Dey

Junior Level Coaching Certification

Progressive Love Academy's first official junior life and love coach. One of our greatest success stories, Chakory has utilized the tools and systems in his own life, and ihas trained in them, as well. His mission is to expand the binary and unite all hearts.

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Camille Brown

Feminine Empowerment Coach

Certified Feminine Power Coach, Camille specializes in Women's Wellness, Body Bliss 365 Coaching, Doula, and is a Financial Investor and mental Health Professional.

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Cheryl Bourget

Sun Manifestation, Moon Manifestion

Cheryl Bourget is a Sun manifestation, and Moon manifestation certified coach. Her coaching belief is that every person is naturally intuitive, resourceful, and whole, and she supports her clients in bringing these traits out.

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Shayla Tumbling

Feminine Empowerment Coach

Shayla is a mental and holistic wellness practitioner, a trained Brainspotting (BSP) Practitioner, a sexuality & emotional empowerment coach, a Certified Feminine Power Coach, a professional platonic cuddler, and a healing facilitator. She supports clients in developing healthy relationships with themselves and others.

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Divine Wang

Bagua Astrology, Sun Manifestation, Moon Manifestation, Feminine Power

Divine has studied in PLA's Moon Manifestation room, The Bagua Metaphysical School, completed the sun cycle through Wakekanda, and is a certified Feminine Power Coach. He is abreast in the Feminine Choice Paradigm, The Masculine Choice Paradigm and the art of communication.

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