Peaceful Warrior Kingdom Initiation

Masculine Initiation

The Peaceful Warrior Man Cave 2020-2021 is a space online for powerful, straight (heterosexual) men [If you are a gay male, please try our Boys to Kings men's group] to be supported in transformation and personal development.The program is overseen by Carl E Stevens, Jr. (Rakhem Seku), CEO here at Progressive Love Academy, as well as head facilitator, Dwayne Mooney, Satori Seals, and Haleem Abdul-Rahman.

The Peaceful Warriors Man Cave is more like a fraternity for upstanding and powerful men, than a simple online space. The group has been instrumental in the development of character, strength, power and mental fortitude for thousands of men.

Men can expect to become masters of relationships, communication and attraction! The Peaceful Warriors focus on supporting men in managing multiple women.

Peaceful Warriors are the top quality men that women LOVE and ADORE. Peaceful Warriors are Progressive Men who know the new dating and relationship styles and AMPLIFY supreme masculinity by cultivating the three Masculine archetypes, Leader, SOldier and Negotiator. Peaceful Warriors are ultimately healers for the women they love.

Some believe spiritual growth and development is primarily for women.

Here at Progressive Love Academy, we know men are powerful conduits for energetic healing; women, in particular, need the gift of masculinity and healing at this time, on this planet. In order to become a male healer, one who is able to intuit the needs of women, support women, and maintain a sense of masculine power, one must train.

Training like Aikido, Karate, and Tai Chi are powerful ways to build character. The Peaceful Warrior men's group provides these kinds of trainings for the mind! Once you click to join below, you will instantly gain access to the following:

  • Peaceful Warriors PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP offering 24/7 (confidential) RELATIONSHIPS SUPPORT
  • Peaceful Warriors Video Training Library
  • A Monthly Peaceful Warrior Man Cave - A Live Zoom Talk for Straight Men!

Start Your Journey Here with Peaceful Warrior Man Cave Membership!

The Peaceful Warriors Man Cave is a great place to begin your journey into the vast world of Progressive Love™!

Progressive Love Academy (PLA) is a place to discover new ways to grow in the areas of love, relationships, self-empowerment, metaphysics, and creating the life you desire for yourself. The Academy offers a plethora of tools and information to support you in achieving your personal relationship, financial, and spiritual growth goals

All Progressive Love Academy Basic Members have access to hundreds of Progressive Love lectures, classes, PDF files, and other resources to support you in studying Progressive Love, Gender Harmonics, Polyamory, Marriage, Bagua Astrology, Empowerment, Tantra, Sacred Sensuality, Relationships, and more...

This year The Warriors Will Earn A Certificate At The End Of Each Three Months! The Topics Are As Follows:

  • PW Sacred Man (polyskills) Certificate
  • PW Core Power (tantra and premium sex skills) Certificate
  • PW Kingdom Builders (financial aptitude) Certificate
  • PW New Alpha Certificate

With each certificate of training you earn, you will find the confidence, power and fortitude to excel in any area of life and love!

Here's a Sample Of What You Get with PEACEFUL WARRIORS Library:

  • Peaceful Warrior LIBRARY - 200+ videos and audios on relationships TOOLS to support your love life!

  • Gain the support of other Warriors
  • Gain a brotherhood experience
    • Enjoy a library created for men by men to improve your relationships!

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Carl Stevens

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